Grid House

When we first laid eyes on this modern house from Arad it was unfurnished and ready to be transformed into a stylish and sophisticated home. The client imagined a place that would elicit amazement in a subtle and elegant way without being extravagant or futuristic. With all this space at our disposal we felt that the design elements should be entertaining while preserving a sense of comfort and coziness. We soon agreed that solid wood would be best as it radiates warmth and glows quietly while bringing about a sense of character and permanence. Also the ground floor being mostly open spaced had to be unified by a common element that would allow living spaces to flow freely one into the other. Wood was again the perfect choice as it plays nice with other elements and adds unity and stability to the design. In the living room a thin strip wooden panel attracts attention while the uncluttered hexagonal shelves spark the imagination and rest the eye. Soft, round comfortable shapes in an autumnish palette create a warm and cozy mood for this modern space. The interplay between mat and shimmering materials sets up an interesting dynamic and contrast, while also bringing everything together.

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